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Pele Fire Hoop Wicks

The life of your hoop wicks depends very much on the use and care they get. Best practice is to thoroughly soak them in a low temperature fuel like lamp oil. Shake off excess fuel catching as much as possible in a container (think of the environment) , give it a good spin to shed the rest of the loose fuel before lighting.  When the flame starts to go down extinguish your wicks and re-soak. Don’t let them burn til they go out this damages the wicking – you want to burn the fuel not your wicks!

Check they are in good condition and are securely attached before each fire spin

On a small hoop or when first starting out most people opt for 3 or 4 wicks on a hoop. The wicks are priced individually so you can add as many as you need to your basket. On a large hoop you could have 5 or 6.

These wicks fit all sizes of hoop, 16mm or 20mm, and you just need a screwdriver to attach them.

Pele Fire Hoop Wick (universal) £29.99

3 Wick Fire Hoop

A 30″ inside diameter fire hoop made from 20mm (3/4″) Polypro fully taped with grip on the inside. Collapsible travel hoop with snap button closure.

Your hoop comes with 3 Pele Fire Wicks which are my preference as they don’t have any metal studs or screws that can get very hot while fire dancing. These wicks are removable so you could take them hoop off and use it as a regular hoop or you could add more wicks if you wanted a different look.

Fire props are dangerous and should only be used by trained professionals, and those which are already competent with regular hula hoops.

The wicks are Kevlar and they must be used with either lamp oil or paraffin fuels to preserve the life of your wicks.

3 Wick Fire Hoop £125

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