Hoop Sizing

When choosing your new hoop the first thing you need to know is what size its going to be. For beginners a general rule of thumb is to measure from the floor to belly button to find the diameter of your hoop. This is normally measured in inches. You will also need to take into account your build, so very slim people will probably find they can go down a size whilst bigger people will need a larger hoop for on-body hooping. Please note all my hoops are measured using the Outside Diameter (OD).

As you become more confident with your hoop and your reactions get quicker you will probably want to downsize your hoop to something smaller and lighter to do tricks such as isolations and more techy moves.  This is then personal preference and its good if you can go to your local hoop jam and try a few out to decide what size you’d like.

Shipping & Time Scales

Your hoop is normally made within 7 – 14 days depending on volume of orders. Items are sent using various services and normally arrive within 1-5 working days in mainland  UK. Most of my hoops will be made as travel hoops, unless stated otherwise, and sent collapsed for easy postage (it can be expensive to send full size hoops these days due to the dimensions). Hoops 26″ outside diameter or less will be non-collapsible hoops sent riveted in place as there is little point trying to coil them down.

International customers are very welcome, I have many happy customers all over the world. International postage varies in the time it takes, you can email me with your order and address and contact number and I will send you a quote.

Refunds and Exchanges

Return the item within 14 days in its original condition for a full hassle free refund. Buyer pays return postage.

Additional policies and FAQs


Travel Hoops

When you get your new travel hoop, open it out and let it relax. Connect it in the full size position and only ever collapse it for short periods of time for travelling. For coil down travel hoops do not store it in the collapsed position. Sectional hoops of course are fine 🙂

Tape care

To prolong the life of the tape do not leave outside in the rain for long periods of time. Tape will scuff or tear on rough surfaces, this is normal, so please take care of it! Some tapes (grip tape/ gaffer tape) may be washable with a damp sponge, but don’t soak, and be gentle!

Pipe Care

The beginner hoops are made from hard-wearing MDPE which has more flexibility, where as the polypro hoops are more rigid and prone to cracking in cold weather. Most of the time its not a problem, I have hooped outside on many a cold winters day, but be aware not to put unnecessary stress on your hoop, especially if collapsing it for travel which can put a lot of pressure on the connector. Generally extremes of temperature are to be avoided, for example leaving your hoop up against a radiator!

Any other questions please ask using the contact form.

Happy hooping!

Data Usage

Hoopmaker promises to never disclose your information. We may contact you from time to time if we have some exciting news or a special offer, at most once a month, we will never spam you – we hate that too!

All orders are done using a secure Paypal checkout. 

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