Circus Props & Accessories

Hoop Hugger Bags

They’re big, they’re REALLY big! If you want a smaller hoop bag making please ping me a message via the contact form or my email.

A hardwearing rip-stop nylon hoop hugger bag. Adjustable with elastic and toggle drawstrings. Fits 10 -20 hoops perfectly!

Great for your performance or workshops hoops – or both!

Choose from Pink or Blue

Ripstop Hoop Hugger £20

Colour :

Velvet Hoop Huggers

Choose from sumptuous red, emerald green or black velvet for your hoop hugger bag.

A glamorous and safe way to store your hoops!

Velvet Hoop Hugger £30

Colour :

Rainbow Unicorn Hoop Hugger

Luxury Rainbow Unicorn Skin Hoop Hugger

Short pile velvet with little flecks of silver sparkles. A special place to keep your precious circles!

Rainbow Unicorn Hoop Hugger £45

Fire Fan Covers

These fan covers fit the medium Home of Poi Lotus Fans that measure 19″ across at the widest point. If you have the large ones or a different brand of fire fan you are welcome to ping me and email to and I should be able to make you some custom ones.

Colour :

Contact Balls

Clear Acrylic Contact Ball 90mm £29.99

By Juggle Dream

Juggle Dream Levisticks

Juggle Dream Levisticks

A lightweight holographic levistick (also known as a flow wand) with clear line and finger loop. Rubber end caps. Short line – great for learning!

Juggle Dream Levistick £12

Colour :


Short Tailed Kite Poi for Children £12

Just “Green & Black” left now!

Colour :

Scarf Poi – beautiful slow and graceful. Perfectly weighted soft poi with long tails. The kids ones have shorter strings and shorter tails than the adult ones.

Kids Scarf Poi £12

Colour :

Adult Scarf Poi £15

Colour :

Devilsticks & Flower Sticks

Juggle Dream Flower Sticks £24.99

Lovely grippy silicone sticks with the flowers for good flow and balance.

Colour :

Dazzling Handmade Hula Hoops