Fire Hoop Wicks & Accessories

Pele Fire Wicks

Beautifully wrapped Pele Fire Wicks. No metal studs, less chance of branding.

Fits 16mm or 20mm tubing. Easy to attach to any hoop and add as many wicks as you like.

The life of your hoop wicks depends very much on the use and care they get. Best practice is to thoroughly soak them in a low temperature fuel like lamp oil. Shake off excess fuel catching as much as possible in a container (think of the environment) , give it a good spin to shed the rest of the loose fuel before lighting.  When the flame starts to go down extinguish your wicks and re-soak. Don’t let them burn til they go out this damages the wicking – you want to burn the fuel not your wicks!

Check they are in good condition and are securely attached before each fire spin.

Pele Fire Wick – one individual wick £28

Hoop Hugger Bags

They’re big, they’re REALLY big! If you want a smaller hoop bag making please ping me a message via the contact form or my email.

A hardwearing rip-stop nylon hoop hugger bag. Adjustable with elastic and toggle drawstrings. Fits 10 -20 hoops perfectly!

Great for your performance or workshops hoops – or both!

Blue is in stock. Other colours may be available on request.

Blue Ripstop Hoop Hugger £20

Velvet Hoop Huggers

Choose from sumptuous red or black velvet for your hoop hugger bag.

A glamorous and safe way to store your hoops!

Velvet Hoop Hugger £30

Colour :

Rainbow Unicorn Hoop Hugger

Luxury Rainbow Unicorn Skin Hoop Hugger

Short pile velvet with little flecks of silver sparkles. A special place to keep your precious circles!

Rainbow Unicorn Hoop Hugger £45

Colour :

Fire Fan Covers

These fan covers fit the Home of Poi Lotus Fans.

Colour :